The  Shasta facility is one of northern California’s largest wood-fired power plants. The facility provides dependable, environmentally safe disposal of wood waste and forest residue from Shasta County and surrounding areas, while generating clean electricity for sale to the local utility. Processing up to 1,250 tons per day, Shasta has the electric-generating capacity of 55 MW, the equivalent of supplying the electrical needs of thousands of California homes and businesses as well as its own operations.

Non-merchantable waste wood from Shasta-Trinity and Lassen National Forests, as well as from private lands, are selectively removed and processed in the facility to enhance remaining standing timber.

Shasta plays a key role in the State of California’s effort to safely manage forest residue in high hazard areas to reduce the risk of forest fires. Shasta also operates a Wood Waste Recycling Program year round, which is offered to members of the community at no charge.



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Shasta-Sustainable Resource Management, Inc.

20811 Industry Rd

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